Get To Know Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith, one of the employees here, and my mom, celebrated a birthday over the weekend. To celebrate I asked her a few questions and had her type up answers so you guys could get to know her a bit more! Happy birthday Nicole!

How long have you been working at CCA?

My 1st official day was June 8th 2015, but I’ve been helping out here and there for a few years now.

What is your favorite thing about working at CCA?

My favorite thing about working here is the thought that what I am doing is helping insured community members have access to the healthcare providers they need.

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not here?

When I am not here I like to be with my kids.  I also have many pets and plants I get to take care of and take pictures of and put on Instagram. I also go to college. When people ask me what I’m there for I say “Knowledge”.

One of Nicole's Instagram pictures

One of Nicole's Instagram pictures

What aspect of credentialing do you think you do best and why?

I can fill out Parallon, Medicaid, and all other online provider application the best. I like the accuracy and intricacy it takes to fill them out.

Tell us about your family.

I have Collin, he is 16, and Easton, she is 21.  My sister, Erica, and her husband Zack, Sherry and my mom, Sondra.

Tell us about your pets 

We have Lola, she is our 6 year old Shar-Pei; she gets to come to work with me every day. We have two cats: Honey, our 10 year old Turkish Angora and Big Foot, who will be 1 year old this month.  We also have Cornelia, our 15 year old corn snake, and Carl, is our 5 year old Crested Gecko. And 3 giant hermit crabs, I don't know how old they were when we got them, but we have had one for 5 years, one for 4 years and the third Easton got last September as a birthday present for me.

Honey and Lola

Honey and Lola

Big Foot

Big Foot

What is the last good movie you saw?

The last good movie I saw was Terminator with Collin, Erica, and Zack. We went to see it during the week of my dad’s birthday. During certain parts it felt like he was there with us.  Erica and I laughed and cried. It was the experience which made it the last good movie I saw.

What is your current favorite tv show and why?

My current favorite tv show is Strange Empire and Hell On Wheels on Netflix. They are both gritty western dramas.

What is the last good book you read?

I don't read books unless they are text books. Right now I am reading about different religions for my world religions class.

What is your dream job?

My dream job would be one where I don't have to think about “what my dream job would be.”

Nicole and Honey

Nicole and Honey

-Easton and Nicole


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