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Credentialing management is labor intensive. Out sourcing allows your staff to focus their time on patient and practice needs.

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For the small office with an overburdened staff, outsourcing the demands of credentialing is an excellent choice.

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Our dedicated team of experts are here to help you with all of your FQHC questions and concerns.

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In practices where staff is at a premium, the job of credentialing often takes a back seat

 To maintain credentialing properly, it needs to be managed on a regular basis.  Let us be your invisible, full-time, off-site employees.  With our services, you get the benefit of additional staff members without the extensive employee costs. 


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Our medical billing service has coordinated with Sherry O'Bray at Credentialing & Consulting Alliance for more than 7 years on behalf of our mutual clients.  Those clients agree with our assessment that she is highly skilled in her field as well as knowledgeable, responsive, thorough, and personable.  We have no reservations recommending Sherry and her company as  valuable allies to any medical practice. 

Robert L. Pedersen
RLP Medical Billing, Inc.

Credentialing and Contracting are key components to the effectiveness of cash flow for a medical practice.  The staff at Credentialing & Consulting Alliance, LLC (CCA) are extremely knowledgeable in this field and are very professional when working with their clients.  Over the years, CCA has been very adaptable to the changes in the healthcare landscape - as many payers change their credentialing and contracting processes on a regular basis due to internal process reviews, government mandates, or even payers merging together.  We are strategic partners who work as a team to meet the needs of our clients in a timely, detailed, and thorough manner.  Prompt and ongoing follow up are essential to ensure that the payers (whether commercial or government) are processing our requests correctly so that the doctors will be able to bill for services rendered to their patients, and receive the correct reimbursement per their contract.   I enjoy working with CCA and glad they are a part of my team!          

Laura Olvera, MPA, Healthcare Business Operations Consultant with Value Healthcare Consulting, LLC®

I have had the pleasure to have worked with Sherry O’Bray and Sondra Smith for over nine years.  When I took my present position with Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in 2006, I was not fully knowledgeable of all that needed to be done to get our physicians credentialed with Medicare and the many insurance companies we would be associating with. 

I was initially impressed with Sherry O’Bray’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor.  She took the time and patience to educate me in the different aspects of credentialing.  Sherry consistently demonstrated persistence to challenge and solve all of the many obstacles that the insurance companies and government agencies constantly put us through.  I am amazed and impressed that through all of these challenges, both Sherry and Sondra were successful in getting all of our physicians credentialed with every insurance company and government agency that we wanted to associate with.

Originally, Sherry and Sondra worked for another company that performed the same services that they perform today.  Through no fault of theirs, the company they worked for dropped this service.  Sondra and Sherry felt such a commitment to their clients that they formed CCA and filled a much needed service for our business.  I will be forever grateful for their reliable and dedicated service.  Had they not started CCA, I would have been in a stressful situation. 

Sherry and Sondra multi-task effectively and have been able to handle high volume for us and many of their other clients. 

Sherry has always given me the feeling that we are a team player mindset and enthusiastically embraces the challenge to get our credentialing completed promptly.

Over the years, I have developed not only a working relationship but a business friendship with both principles of CCA.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs their professional services.


Business Manager/CFO

Frank Migliazzo, Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center, LLC


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