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In practices where staff is at a premium, the job of credentialing often takes a back seat. 


To maintain credentialing properly, it needs to be managed on a regular basis.  Let us be your invisible, full-time, off-site employees.  With our services, you get the benefit of additional staff members without the extensive employee costs. 

Individual Physician Credentialing Services

The Bottom Line

Payor enrollment is critical to your revenue.  Start early!  Individual payor enrollment should begin before your new healthcare provider starts working.

To properly maintain credentialing, the process needs to be managed on a regular basis. Let us be your full-time, off-site employees whose only focus is your credentialing needs. You get the services of additional staff members without the extensive employee costs. 

Choose the services to fit your particular needs and we will customize a comprehensive credentialing plan just for you!

Practitioner Credentialing 

  • Physician and Mid-Level managed care plan enrollment
  • Facilitate obtaining and completing managed care contracts
  • Hospital and Surgery Center initial and re-credentialing applications
  • Medicare and Medicaid initial applications, updates, and revalidations
  • Initial set-up of CAQH ProView applications
  • Maintain updates of CAQH ProView
  • On-going monitoring of document expirables
  • Tracking and follow-up of application process



Tracking and follow-up of the application process and updates for CAQH applications


Re-credentialing for Managed Care and Payer applications, Medicare revalidations and Medicaid revalidations

Practice New Hires

Primary Source credentialing for potential Physicians and potential Mid-Level providers

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