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Prior Authorizations

CCA fully recognizes the complexity of the insurance prior authorization requirements of our clients. Medical practices face the challenging task of obtaining prior authorizations. It takes up a lot of your office’s time and resources and is a challenging and expensive process.
To ensure that all our clients’ needs are met successfully, our highly qualified and experienced specialists manage end-to-end communication and authorization, working with private insurance companies, from initiation to approval as well as retro authorization.

Credentialing Services

In practices where the staff is at a premium, the job of credentialing often takes a back seat.

To maintain credentialing properly, it needs to be managed on a regular basis. Our credentialing services are here to help you. With our services, you get the benefit of additional staff members without extensive employee costs.

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Tracking and follow-up of application process and updates for CAQH Credentialing Application


For Managed Care and Payer applications, Medicare and Medicaid revalidations

Practice New Hires

Primary Source credentialing for potential physician or mid-level providers.

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