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In Medical Staff offices where staff is at a premium let us be your invisible, full-time, off-site employees.  With our services, you get the benefits of additional staff members without the extensive employee costs. 

Medical & Surgical Center Credentialing Services

All the benefits of an in-house credentialing team without any of the added costs.

Think of us as part of your staff in terms of commitment and service. 

We work for you without the need to pay us vacation time, sick leave, 401-K, etc.  

Choose the services that fit your needs and we will customize a comprehensive credentialing plan just for you!

  • Queries sent to entities in a timely manner
  • Tracking and follow-up of query process
  • Notify client if entities are non responsive to queries
  • Maintain a tracking log available to client
  • On-going monitoring services
  • Timely and accurate credentialing process 

Primary Source verifications can include: ​

  • Board Certification
  • Professional State Licensure
  • CDS, DEA
  • Education and Training
  • Hospital Privileges
  • Malpractice Insurance History
  • National Practitioner Data Bank
  • Peer References
  • O.I.G.
  • S.A.M.
  • Criminal Background Checks


Medical/Surgical Centers

Your initial applications for Hospitals and Medical Centers completed quickly and correctly

Tracking and follow-up of the primary source process 


Continued seamless support for Hospitals and Medical Centers 

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